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Welcome to Select Mortgage Services - Rockingham.

"A reputable mortgage broker may be one of the best tools you can use when making a borrowing decision."

That's a quote from Noel Whittaker, a Sunday Times columnist, and at Select Mortgage Services in Rockingham, we believe we have the reputation to be included in such a group. Deal with experienced professionals, who care about your needs.

Our parent company, Select Mortgage Services, was established in the early 90's and was at the forefront of establishing the industry within Australia. Many years later we now have loan writers spread across the metropolitan area, including our Rockingham office, which was opened in early 2007.

At Select Mortgage Services, we take a different view to most in the industry. We see ourselves as Customer Service Solution Managers first, and if we get that right, the loan negotiation will follow. And it doesn't stop with getting you an approval. We're there for you through to settlement and beyond. It's all about building a trusting long term relationship. You no doubt have other professionals in your life (ie; doctor, dentist, financial planner or accountant) and we'd like you to add Select Mortgage Services in Rockingham as YOUR Finance Professionals.

"Aggregator Recognises Top Players"

FAST has recognised its leading brokers and broker groups at the annual conference. FAST's Business Excellence Conference is held annually at an exclusive location to recognise, further develop and share best practice from our high achieving brokers.

The aggregator's chief executive said the 12 national and state awards were hotly contested by the aggregator's broker partners, with very little separating the top groups.

"Jeff Rimmer and his team at Select are driven to meet the mortgage needs of their customers - and this was evident in all aspects of their business and during all client touch points".

"Select Mortgage Services clearly demonstrated an ability to generate lasting client relationships via a targeted retention management program that created additional revenue via repeat and referred business".

"Brokers are experiencing a myriad of challenges right now: economic uncertainty, lower consumer sentiment and a sluggish property market - all of which add up to tougher business conditions" he said.

"But brokers that remain focused, proactive and willing to go above and beyond basic client servicing are realising good results. These are the brokers with strong, loyal client relationships that not only generate repeat business, but referred business as well - which has a multiplying effect for driving business growth". 


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Winner FAST Broker Awards 2018
Best Regional Broker WA

'Mark is a long term broker that prides himself on offering excellent service across all facets of lending  and building strong business relationships with lend partners, other brokers and industry professionals. This award acknowledges Mark’s ongoing and consistent success delivering on his customer value proposition. Congratulations Mark!'

Yearly winners of the FAST Business Broker
WA Excellence awards since 2006

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